lunedì 31 marzo 2014

Black Poplar burl

i decide to start using the faceplate with six screws
planning to have a chuck grip on the burl side,
but to do that i would have to cut too much wood,
so i changed and i worked wood between centers..

 finished with just straw oil,
like four hands, each is given to the distance of two three days,
alternating with fine steel wool iron....


sabato 15 marzo 2014

Quercus petraea - oak

Oak have a really prickly odor for me, especially when it is dry.
I developed an allergy to Oak over the years, i started work Oak without dress any safety respiratory..
Very bad thing!
By working on it all day along it starts to fell itching like thousands of ants crawling on your body...
i need to be fully protected, both skin and respiratory
Now it's just a matter of time, once in a while does not bother me,
especially with wet wood....
whats bother me much it's seasoned oak,
working with wet wood i have less problem...


venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Spalted Beech - Faggio fiorito

Another way to get spalted wood is pay a visit where woods are sold  for fireplace.
They usually leave logs in the field gettin rain, in contact with the ground, that helps in developed some can easily see by looking at the head of the trunks, the less exposed to the light...some changing colors or some black lines...

It's 36x16cm,
a little reminiscent of the Olympic flame..which was not my intection...
however, first i dig the part under the vase leaving a chuck grip,
then i hollow the vase, and then i turned over the vase again and using some clothes to not leave any sign of chuck inside the vase, i have defined the continuous of the vessel. removing the chuck grip, finishing it by hand with paper...


giovedì 13 marzo 2014

Spalted Hackberry - Bagolaro fiorito

By the Way, i decided to put on lathe a piece of Spalted Hackberry,
which is really common tree around here,
i can get it as much as i want.

i really like this wood when get some spalted...
To do spalting i proceed like this: when i cut trunk into pieces i put one piece above the other and a piece of cardboard between 'them, pile all up in a cold and humid place.
I cover with some organic stuff like "humus" on it
Better is to cut wood end of autumn so it could  helps grow fungos during winter...
that what i done to make hackberry take some spalted..
Sure there are a lot of way to do that, indeed...
I'm all ears....


domenica 9 marzo 2014

Black Walnut . American Walnut

One of the best wood for turners,
i'm feel good when i'm turning balck walnut,
or American Walnut, as we called here...

24 diameter for 20 cm high

Bowl is 29 d. and 14 cm high



domenica 2 marzo 2014

Latest Winter catch



Up on the left a Black Poplar trunk of 130 cm in diameter.
Hear from the owner that it will be cut in fire pieces soon...
I'm lookin' to get some extra money to prevent such a non-sense waste!!

Blonde Poplar
36cm x 18cm H



sabato 1 marzo 2014

A Boxelder Woodturner Garden

I can say now I smell Boxelder fresh cut a kilometers away...
he knows that I will not let that he never ends in the fireplace...

In verdad i have an Angel who know about my crazy love for this particular wood.

I found a couple of old Boxelder tree already cut into pieces scattered everywhere...
Some burl had been cut badly, but someother are reeally good!

Car had been Filled pretty good, tacking risk of planting in the mud!
but who care?....

From boxelder tree cut last winter...
Wood was quite dry.
From what i saw till now Boxelder dry fastly than any other hardwood i had

Thickness from 5 to 10 mm...
three months from turning
it has neither moved nor cracked