lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

Natural Edge Cherry and Locust-tree

I have a lot of turning works done,
But find difficoult to get time to publish all..

already Sold to a Very Good Old Friend named Matteo Varsallona - MaterialArtist
ain't got the piece's size

and Cherry (26 cm large - 13 tall)



sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Cercis Siliquastrum

Cercis siliquastrum, commonly known as the Judas tree, is a small deciduous tree from Southern Europe and Western Asia which is noted for its prolific display of deep pink flowers in spring

This species forms a small tree up to 12 metres in height and 10 metres in width.

Here where i'm living, the Cercis take very easy Woodworm,
For me it has been Difficoult to maintain this wood without any crack,

It has very strange odor when you turning it, unmistakable....
In the start i was little annoyed by this smell, like a wet dog,
by gettin' used it's not so bad....

I have save only the pieces i turned green, reaching a very thin thickness..
All the pieces that have a thickness of a few centimeters are broken, or twisted and then broken...
Cercis's trunk twists easily, so after cut it this tensions must be free....
Even using glue or wax or both strokes on the heads of logs havn't kept wood from crack...

Cheers Paolo

lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Lime Natural Edge

Lately i've got focus on turning natural edge,
this is a big piece of lime, was a disk about 60 cm diameter, 20 cm thick.
Tree was cut end of october, with a good moon, waning...
Was the basis of the branching, with a lot of twisted vain,
but with the heart a little insubstantial,
So i decided to turn it immediately,
otherwise, in my way of thinking, wood could became too much incosistent in the middle..
i mean wet wood seem to me keep much strong then dry...

at the end the piece is 60 cm diameter for 17 cm tall,
I kept a considerable thickness becouseI like the idea of this solid lime...
the thing i really care a lot was the edge,
where i try to show some movement..
Pity not so good pictures..

this work on Lime i'll keep it,
i can't sell it, I took quite  risk turning,
and it will be difficoult find another piece of lime like this too...


mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Box elder's boxes

Here some work made with the heart of an old box elder tree:
I used to the lid Box Wood, Camel's bone and Blackwood

This other lid is made with Box Wood and BlackWood and Box Elder
The ring add on the Box Elder Hollow is Curupay Wood...

 Both boxes have Carnauba wax finish, three coats the first piece, two the second one.

I tried my best to have a good focus pictures,
but i couldn't do as i wished with this old digital camera...


lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Hollow form Black Poplar Root

In the last few days i've given in a lot on turning..
I'm no longer used, i got arms quite tired...
Pieces weren't so balanced, and all these Ghost haven't make me feel so Loose...

Both are Hollow form,
the firstOne is 40 cm large in one direction 30 cm in the other, and around 18 cm high...Hole is 4 cm.
The second is 31 cm high, for 20 cm large....

Here When was in the beginning....
Had this bulb not so attached to the main body,
i couldn't make a chuck grip on this bulb, and didn't like to delete it too,
so that came the idea of make an hollow keepin'all the work on the faceplate...

After spoke with some people from "Legnofilia forum" i made some change on this piece...
I have better define the separation between the base and the jar,
and thinned the base as well...
i'm gratefull to those who took some time for give me their own impressions...

The second Hollow piece was more difficoult than the previous one,
becouse was almost all festering, with a lot of bark in and out...
Before put it on the lathe, i clean as much as i can,
used epoxy grout melt with gold and silver colours and aluminium powder to join each other the parts more dancers and frail...
I named the piece "Looking' for Land resources"...



mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Black Poplar Root

I made some works with a Root of Black Poplar...
I have pictures of just one piece, i got problem with the other...
Size is 31 cm large 16 cm high....

Bark was everywhere inside,

It's benn difficoult make a good grip for the chuck,
Inside hiding bark  make me think that it couldn't be so strong sealing...
so i dig in the poplar a 8 cm hole, deep around 10 cm too,
which was fitting the right size of a thick okume disk..
pressing the tailstock, I did the grip that allowed me to dig in with more confidence....

Had very nice turning on this Poplar root,
but i got also one that on the contrary was quite fluffy,and flew away from chuck at least 10 times...


giovedì 3 ottobre 2013

Cedrus libani

Cedrus libani is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.
There are two distinct types of Cedrus libani that are considered to be different subspecies or varieties:
  • Lebanon cedar or Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani subsp. libani or var. libani) - grows in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, northwest Jordan, western Syria, and south central Turkey.
  • Turkish cedar or Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani subsp. stenocoma or var. stenocoma) - grows in southwest Turkey.

I have used for this turnin' the varieties of Libaniit
Was cut around February 2013,
have lost a lot of weight during spring-summer,
but still around 45 kg when i put on lathe. 
i never did so big turn till now,i was scared, 
couldn't know what speed to start it, 
or how many screws I should have put, 
how long screws must be to be save...
I used around 12 screws 3 cm deep inside Wood,and tailstock well pressed.
it was not regular cut, to start speed was around 150 rpm

The bark was quite attached,
but after a while a big piece came off 
hit me right in the forehead..
Fortunatly i had Helmet with visor...

i decided to take it out completly 

Smell was incredibly good, but stinging

i ain't sand any paper on lathe on,
becouse it seem to me cedar get too hot easily 
 and then begin to cracking

The day after i spend almost four hours just to sand starting from 120 till 320...
brushing with some straw oil just to take out its colours.. 

at the end is 51 cm diameter for 26 cm tall,
Some parts ain chipped,
and i like the idea to have rough top,
becouse nowadays i found a really very well WoodTurner named John Hodgson from Scotland...
i really admire his kind of turning....
here the link to his website