lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Lime Natural Edge

Lately i've got focus on turning natural edge,
this is a big piece of lime, was a disk about 60 cm diameter, 20 cm thick.
Tree was cut end of october, with a good moon, waning...
Was the basis of the branching, with a lot of twisted vain,
but with the heart a little insubstantial,
So i decided to turn it immediately,
otherwise, in my way of thinking, wood could became too much incosistent in the middle..
i mean wet wood seem to me keep much strong then dry...

at the end the piece is 60 cm diameter for 17 cm tall,
I kept a considerable thickness becouseI like the idea of this solid lime...
the thing i really care a lot was the edge,
where i try to show some movement..
Pity not so good pictures..

this work on Lime i'll keep it,
i can't sell it, I took quite  risk turning,
and it will be difficoult find another piece of lime like this too...


mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Box elder's boxes

Here some work made with the heart of an old box elder tree:
I used to the lid Box Wood, Camel's bone and Blackwood

This other lid is made with Box Wood and BlackWood and Box Elder
The ring add on the Box Elder Hollow is Curupay Wood...

 Both boxes have Carnauba wax finish, three coats the first piece, two the second one.

I tried my best to have a good focus pictures,
but i couldn't do as i wished with this old digital camera...