lunedì 24 novembre 2014

Multiaxes Turning On Juniper

Hi, been a while since last post, i never stopped turning and still gathering different wood species all around as well, in fact
i collected a lot of wood, some different kind of prunus, Cercis siliquastrum again too, some olivewood from Center italy, and some new species ready to be worked and identify.
 I had gleaned too much wood, placed anywhere in the lab...
Not Good work surrounded drowned by wood and dust...

By the way this is the result obtained from get into the processing of multi-axis turning. But...
First things first, i definetly have to thank Barbara Dill who have made a great video shared on youtube in which she explain perfectly first steps of multiaxes woodturning. This piece is dedicated to her, and her will to share knowledge to everybody. I'd like to remember from whom i took from..


 This is a small.... 15 x 6 it's been turned on Four axis, one ax is in the center, and the other three are 120° from each other 2 cm distant from the center one. Wood is Juniper and it's wonderfull. The smell all around made me work without using respirator stuff antidust...yeah..
 Juniper all life along.

Then i got lucky becouse i walk just the right time the right place where some Yew been clean for good. Incredible stuff, small branches around 6-7 cm diameter old more than 50 years! Then some hundread years pieces of yew showed on my eyes, just 10 cm tenacious would be....This wood have to get justice...i have to think well what doing with it...
after a few attempts on hackberry I decided to work on those fancy yew wood...

  First one. 12 cm 5 cm

  II. 9.5 cm 5.5 cm

                   III. 13 cm 5.5cm

  IV. 18cm 5cm

  V. My favorite. Amazing wood.

                                                                       "a Gang"

                                                better: "The Yew Band" feat Juniper MC Wood

ain't that something