giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Populus Alba

Populus Alba, or Silverleaf Poplar or White Poplar..
Was a very old tree, the trunk bark change into black while the branchs were white...
it was around 180 cm diameter at the base..regular growth, not fast not slow...


Staghorn Sumac

Lots of type of Sumac
The one i turn is Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina.
Definetly one of the best wood to turn




Colorful Wood

Woods are:
 Sophora Japonica,
 White Mulberry,
 Boxelder, Italia Walnut, Sycamore.

mercoledì 16 agosto 2017


i been off too much time from the blog, sorry about that..
i turned a lot of wood, but i don't know how to take good pictures and my english suck..
a lot happened, some good and some bad, i lost my job and lately i can't sell any of my turning pieces....i mean nobody care that much.
Italian are going into hard time for a lot of reason which i don't want to explain in this blog, and here it seemed to me people are not interested anymore in my turning works.
i have to send my wife and my boy to granparents and selling my home,
good news is we have found a way to survive at least...and i hope after we will have sold the home,
we could have a new start.
thing is we can't find a courage to move outside this country...
by the way here some pictures: