lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Lime Natural Edge

Lately i've got focus on turning natural edge,
this is a big piece of lime, was a disk about 60 cm diameter, 20 cm thick.
Tree was cut end of october, with a good moon, waning...
Was the basis of the branching, with a lot of twisted vain,
but with the heart a little insubstantial,
So i decided to turn it immediately,
otherwise, in my way of thinking, wood could became too much incosistent in the middle..
i mean wet wood seem to me keep much strong then dry...

at the end the piece is 60 cm diameter for 17 cm tall,
I kept a considerable thickness becouseI like the idea of this solid lime...
the thing i really care a lot was the edge,
where i try to show some movement..
Pity not so good pictures..

this work on Lime i'll keep it,
i can't sell it, I took quite  risk turning,
and it will be difficoult find another piece of lime like this too...


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