sabato 24 agosto 2013

Another German style Table

I made this table five years ago,
with all the meticulousness and zest that I had at that time
It was for my home, our dining table...
I selected the best Wood i could find,
ten boards of Black Walnut...
Compared with Claro Walnut is much hard to find it, but i was lucky
an 80 years man named Mazzoni, which worked on selling wood,
had all those boards stowed in his werehouse since '90 he said..
i worked like his gardener for about two week to get it...
and i borrow a WoodWorking Machine from a woodworker close to home,

i had like 10 hands of shellac on it, by brush...
on every hand i was too happy on how wood showed up each hand..

nowadays i realized how different i could have done,
above all on top's pattern...
but....that is....

I have decide to sell it, and for this i'm restoring it
becouse now get some money is much more important...

100x100 cm closed
178x100 cm open..
legs are made with claro Walnut,( couse i wan'it in one piece of wood...)
as the central panels of both extensions...

This table instead,
Another big German style table,
it's gave me to be restored...
It's really old, around 150 years at least table owner said
and for that work i need the experience of my guru Parride
to restore it....
Wood was quite damaged,
i have renew the top join two claro walnut board on the external,
i used wengè to inlay the square pattern top and both extension,
remade both the extension guide,
and closed all the wormhole..
the most hard part was fix the guide,
wood was pretty awry,
extracted the guides did not fit easily..
i done my best, then sanded till i felt ok....more level as possible...

here it show below extension,
it was used some cloth and a animal glued,
which here is called "garavella", rabbit glue..

Hope i can make myself on lathe soon...



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