lunedì 23 settembre 2013

WoodTurning after Work

I was often much tired when i was working in a woodworking shop
 at the end of the day was no way to start the lathe..

now my woodworking guru named Parride have a problem with brain,
he is taking some time in hospital,
i'm in a hope time for this,

but becouse of that i found another job in pick up fruit, specifically pears..
it's quite hard, you have to be really fast and at the same time
you must dodge clouds of mosquitoes really hungry around you,
pull up many boxes crammed with pears,
the first three days were quite hard,
but since the fourth day i came home as fast as possible to turn some wood..

i had a root of poplar,
a really old slab of walnut, owned by the grandfather of the grandfather of mu guru Parride...
and obviously some pieces of box elder...

in the last five years i gathered a lot of different wood, everywhere,
even from the side of the highway to south Italy...It's a crazy things i know,
coz I could even be reported if the police had found the Japanese saw in the car....

by the way here some pictures:



i'd like to have you listen this piece of song called Two Step by the DMB....

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