domenica 20 aprile 2014

Finely Arbutus

Arbutus is a genus of at least 14 species of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae,
native to warm temperate regions of the Mediterranean, western Europe, and North America.
The name is borrowed from Latin, where it referred to A. unedo..

It's an Old World Tree,
This particularly piece fo wood i got it came from an Arbutus Unedo L. called Strawberry tree.

by first eperience with this wood i can say it broke itself very easly,
but i have to consider that the tree i cut down was grew like a spire...
i believe that any glue or old vernice or wax would have avoid cracks..
he is too strong and tenacious anyway, he always win ...

This is the only piece Arbutus wood left whole, the others have all irretrievely cracked...
i called it catfish...


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