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Cocobolo - Dalgerba Retusa Wood

Cocobolo Wood is also known as: Black rosewood, cocobola, cocobolo nambar, cocobolo negro, cocobolo prieto, cocoboloholz,foseholz, funera, granadillo, granadillo de chontales, manarizoby, namba, nambar, nambar de agui,nambar legitimo, Nicaraguan cocobolo, Nicaraguan rosewood, nambar,
palisandro, palissandre cocobolo, palo negro, prieto, red foxwood, rosewood, yellow rosewood

Dalgerba . retusa is a small to medium-sized tree native to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.
Cocobolo’s distinctive characteristic is its production of natural oils,
which provides the wood with a natural waterproof polish.

True Rosewoods in the dalbergia family have colors as widely diverse as a rainbow.
An incredibly figured wood, cocobolo is very hard with brilliant colors and amazing black stripes.
 Oranges, reds, browns and blacks all swirled uniquely together.

Advice:Woods with an oily content, such as cocobolo,
can achieve better gluing strength by wiping the surface of both pieces being glued with acetone first.
After the acetone has dried, the piece is glued as normal.

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The Wood Block was 15 cm and 7,6 cm thick


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