sabato 9 agosto 2014

Roberto Cecconello

It's hard to find in this modern time someone who enjoy so much sharing his own passion, helping so many people take first steps in woodturning world as well and whispering good advices to anyone...
i can definetly say Roberto help me a lot since i started turn woods, with his advices, points of view and criticism...

He showed this multiaxis bowl made with Pear in a italian woodturning forum,
like always he told every step of his process, and answering all the questions that were posed.
At first glance i liked really a lot..
it was like kind a far beyond the borders of traditional turning..
i know there are some other turner who doin' unbelievable stuff above all in france,
but maybe the fact that i know already Roberto, who seem to me that the man who did it wasn't a martian... the forum
he called me to share a piece, and i totally agreed...
i call myself in this forum "ilvisionario"....
(it's an alias good friend of mine nik to me becouse i used had an hour night walk under the tree-lined boulevard that surrounds the village where I live....i didn't give a shit to anything...just looking up and around with some good fact in town some started to call me "ilvisionario"...)
by the way,
i got "sghembo" the name that Roberto gave to the piece he made:
and it's AVANGUARDIA!!!
Come direbbe Freak Antoni: Non capite un cazzo, questa è avanguardia pubblico di merda!

Roberto Cecconello have a web site:
Thanks a lot!

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