venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Woodturner Rendezvous in Viterbo

On days 4 & 5 October there was a meeting between Turners in Viterbo,
at Mala Spina School....
where men named Giacomo and Vasco were hosts of a mass of Gipsy Turners from all Italy..
With AIATL, Giacomo and Vasco organized a great event with the participation of distributors of equipment for turning, wivamac lathe, Vicmarc lathe,
and related turners who performed live demonstrations:
i had really a pleasure of knowing Jackie Ferla Tuiniuijk from Belgium
Distributor of fine woods were there too, and i got some pau violetto having in mind some jewelry projects and a piece of macassar ebony destinated on a pen project..
Two days flew away in a istant,
a lot of talkin' and turning, a fun every single moment,
part of a tribe of eternal youth,
like him, the Captain Vittorio:

I'm a member of AIATL, italian association of woodturner.
And on sunday morning Roberto Cecconello, the president had a speech,
which dealt with topics such as creating their own roots,
because in Italy the art of turning wood is a new matter,
he talked about a way to perform our own Art through observation of what is around us and reworking all this putting your own personal touch, which is made of our personal history and feeling.

Thanks to a Lady names Kitty Pierart was installed an exhibition of the works of the members of the association AIATL.


 Pietro, Michele Monaci, Michelangelo

 Michele Monaci

 Roberto Cecconello

 Richard Coter

 Giacomo Malaspina

Now some random pictures there and here...

     here while i'm tring have a sandblasted surfice effect by using a steel weel brush mounted on a drill.




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