lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

End of Watch

My time inside the Shop have came to an End...

A couple of month ago i found a place where parking my WoodWork...

It was free to expose my stuff, the ShopOwner didn't charge anything to me, but the agreement was that, when  the Owner will get someone who rent his place i have to move out.
Very reasonable

And now he have found someone who took it starting with new year...

My time in here is came to an End...

                                         This is made with Elm and Black Walnut
                                                               And Black Poplar
                                                          And Purplehearth knobs                                                                          it's 110 cm largo - 190 cm high
                                                               43" Large  -  75"  high


                                                Big pieace of olive wood from South Italy
                                               Which is quite different from the North part of Italy..

                                 The South Italian Olive Wood have different background colours
                                                   Sometimes took a pink, some red, orange..

                                                       Really hard wood, and dense

                                                        Small library made with Elm

                                                            That is italian Plane Wood
                                                                 Top table textured

                                                                     But below much

                                              Then Bubinga top table made with Three pieces
                                                    i pick up from a closed home sowmill....
                                                They have this lumbers since 1998....
                                                           bought to build wooden stairs
                                                  remained unsold until i reached there I

                                                    Really big pieace, 82 cm diameter....

                                                 Amazing colours, wood that reflects a lot the light
                                                                                    Changing the shades


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