lunedì 18 marzo 2013

lucky day or Not..

i've been really lucky at the end of the past week,

i was turning a 65 cm diameter disk of olive wood,
not one piece of wood but four slabs glued together...

i used alifatic glue for this work, 
first time i used,
i heard that is the most strong glue ever made..

i went to my "mentore" (Guru) Parride and he asked me
why have this work using a glue you never used before..
do you know about it? you are going to work a big piece of wood...however..
i say to him, no problem it is say that is the best..

then i join the four slabs togethere...
i clean the surface of each slab,
try before glued if the faces perfectly aligned, leaving no room for light..
it was ok, so i proced...
wait 30 hours,
i take off clamps, and then i fix it on lathe using 8 screws 
each screwed into the wood for 2 centimeter...

then i used start around 300 rpm,
the first touch 5/8bowl gouge on the wood,
i heard a big "Stuck"..
i took three steps back..
look the piece that still run fast,
however i stop the lathe,
and see this:

Alifatic Glue had not worked properly...
or may be i done something wrong..

i was astonished

just a couple of screws have kept all togethere..
just screwy from plate, and the two pieces fallin down..

you could look on the left piece show above...two hole screws

i have to say i was quite idiot to not use this on the surface before glue:


and then i have really tight the clamps
and a lot of glue came usally....but may be i used too strong pressed with clamps...
for sure happened that i don't give much time to the glue to go inside wood,
above all the two pieces join togethere in the center,
the other two perimetral pieces glued have around five minuts more of waiting time before join the surface togethere, and in fact it seem they are kept strong togethere..
This olive wood has almost no porus on the surface..
so at the end i give my impression about it...

the main problem i don't give the right time to the glue to going into wood...
second i had to be carefull on the wood surface, that have to be clean and ruled with an iron teeth..
to dubble the surface of contact of the wood...

another things to say, i must know what i'm going to use....
hope you can understand what i'm writing, i try my best to explain in english...

at the really end i have to light a candle for the lucky i had...
i keep on my poket for a while the two screws who saved me...
i'm not feticist, just don't believe in my Memory at all...

i found this piece of "bagolaro", google translation called it "hackberry"..

I'm wondering what can be hide below it
Mushrooms are so many, what they did to the wood, we'll find out in the next episode.....ahah...


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