giovedì 7 marzo 2013

Plane Wood part 1

i found this wet spalted plane wood,
i couldn't wait any longer,
even it's still heavy, fresh cut plus two days of rain..

i been really carefull turning such a big piece too,
40 x 39 cm diameter, rough shape..
the first day i work it between centers, at around 200 rpm more or less..
then slowly i increase till 400-450....
i was scared, try to stay out from the line of fire as much as possible,
but i felt i had to turn it, i need somehow to challenge myself,

These days i'm turning a lot,
and gathering the last wood of the season,
becouse next time i'll got it will be from november on...

on the PalneWood piece there were two nests of peaks

                                                               remain of the first one

                                                                    the second one

i found some part very spongy, will be hard make nice the surface, i think i need to be really sharp...

Then to relax mind and body i had a small box made with bocote and pear...


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