venerdì 11 luglio 2014

Cottonwood Crutch

I can say this cottonwood crutch have been a really fuckin piece..
I have on several shirts for this day job...begin 9 am took off at 7 pm....
No metter how i cut, that damn hair rose continuously...
It was in the lab since end of 2013, and as usually poplar dry fast..
but was steel wet in the core...

To obatain a nice clean finish i have used like 6 meter of sanding paper, from 120 to 240.. I scratched my nails too.

That how was in the beginning,
i screw the cottonwood crutch to faceplate

Found some orange red spalting lines,

Lower part the with chuck grip

I think cottonwood is underrated,
fibers are mealy, but bends easily allowing nice curling with aging...
is a timber that has good light reflection, so needs a flawless finish...



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