lunedì 14 luglio 2014

Osange Orange Wood - Maclura Pomifera

It was given to me two month ago when i was in Rovato...
Man who gave me knows very well when tree have to be cut in order to have uncrackable wood for turning. He say the cut depends on the moon fases. The cut have to be made ​​in waning moon.
It's important to know in which zodiac houses the moon is passing through, each house have its own influence on the  fluids distribution of the plant (flowers,seeds,roots....) and as a result the drying process of the wood.
i don't have much experience about cutting tree, but when i found some wood i try to get much informations than i can...
Good cut is when the moon passing through one of these zodiac signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.
But the influences on the plants depends also from the Apogee and perigee (distance and proximity of the moon),Oppositions planetary or stingrays, the lunar nodes....Planets influence the tree's growth becouse of the light that they reflect...
i read there is university in Kazan where are studies about the effect of planets in Plants...
there a lot to know about it.
i found an interesting thing to read, but its in italian:

By the way i have this Maclura Pomifera since end of may and it has no cracks at all..

This is the first Osange Orange that i turn on lathe,
it's really hard and I could not sink the gouge as usual..but definetly i have a nice clean cut, and i have used very few sand paper only for the outside...
I think I could dare further thick, but i believe it will not crack....

i finish it with mineral oil and then beswax buffed..

i kept the Maclura chips with this top yellow,
to use by mixing with CA for filling the cracks



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