lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

Boxelder burl

Wood of this Boxelder burl came from a death standing tree.
Most spectacular grain i ever seen,
i couldn't do that much but cylinder and dig...
i had stopped lathe like ten times, every two-tree millimeters of cutting wood,
just to look the grain's pattern
Choose this one, with some empty space....
i could have cut more wood when i was cylindering untill find all wipe surface without any difect..
i think just a couple of centimeter less in diameter and i could have got it.
but that's what i like in the wood i choose, is the imperfection, where grain is sort of chaotic traffic... what i do not like often is that this imperfection could change the profile of the piece,
so i have to care about imperfection, try to see since the log which Difect are better than others..

I Like to show difect in the wood i worked,
usually i keep a little bit of bark, or just above it, on the piece surface..

first piece is 35 x 19 cm large



Second piece...
forgot the size...
i'll tell ya..




To achieve this murbling finish i sand till 600 g.
Then i use some abrasive paste polish, rubbed on the lathe in motion, And then hard Carnauba wax rubbed as well while the lathe rotate. Couple of coats.

the previous work instead is finish with tree coats of pure vaseline oil, dense, no smell, no coloring...just to take out less invasive the colors of the wood...wait till everything is dry and clean. Then again abrasive paste and carnauba wax.
unfortunatly i couldn't do this second step on the first piece, coz i couldn't use "buffed machine"..
i finish it with soft carnauba wax...
much more less murble effect. need to be buffed.

i have other that came from this log,
but i couldn't resist to show the first two work...


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