giovedì 5 febbraio 2015

Smoke tree Planet

Hi to everyone who came here,

this is a prime branch of a smoke tree, or Cotinus Coggygria,

and it rapresent the first planet of a series which i would like to name it "interstellar",

it's 21 x 10 cm of diameter,

Lately i have read many of my post i wrote in this blog,

and i found that my english is quite terrible....

a lot of mistake everywhere, they are so many that i decide to keep it all, otherwise i'll spend more than a day to correct them...
I'm sorry,and i'll try my best to not make same mistake anymore...
by the way for any questions feel free to ask.

My brother Claudio Ceresi made the pictures, and he used a photo-graphic tecnic named light painting.





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