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Box Elder - Acero Negundo

Acer negundo is a species of maple native to North America.

Acer negundo is a small, usually fast-growing and fairly short-lived tree that grows up to 10–25 metres (33–82 ft) tall, with a trunk diameter of 30–50 centimetres (12–20 in), rarely up to 1 metre (3.3 ft) diameter. It often has several trunks and can form impenetrable thickets...

L'Acero americano (Acer negundo) è un albero originario dell'area orientale del Nordamerica. L'etimologia è incerta. Alcuni autori suggeriscono una derivazione da "Negus" inteso come "indiano".
Introdotto in Europa nel 1688, è tipico dei giardini e dei viali dell'Italia settentrionale..

File:Acer negundoAA.jpg

i'd like to show A couple of work in Box Elder..

First one is old,i done it a couple of yers ago.  Oil and Wax Finish
the Second is just been made..with only couple of Wax coats..

Now i Think IS better The Oil/Wax solution becouse it take out the colour and give much definition of the detail..
By using just Wax everything melting in white, really good White, but in all this whitness eyes don't get easyy the vein details..

it's different...
Kind of step back mine,

now i know what finish do next Elder..

                                                                        i love this one
                                                                 there's a World here
                                                          a Watching Woman came out

Sold yesterday for 30 euro and a couple of slices of logs of Lebanon cedar,
some hawthorn, and a nice piece of Oak..
i can Feed tank, and have a Week of free material to work...
But still no job found, still unemployed...
Hard time never stopped..



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