mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Bubinga centerpiece

i made this disc one years ago,
wait a lot to turn it, and may be i could wait some more,
however i take a little more confidence about this big piece,

At the End it's 80 cm diameter, and 5 cm tall,
Was around 50 kg of weight,

in the start i thought i need adult diapers,
but along the work the gouge start to drow much easy...

i understood that you can't make a mistake in such a tickness,
if you do you probably have to change the design of the piece as well....
and that's what happened here...

but at the end, i'm very excite about it,
the Curupay on the side, seemed bubinga sapwood,
i left in the middle a small box,
which can be used to fix on wall,
and hide the fixing things...
(my english...)

this piece got really my back,
finish with Oil and Wax,
few oil, becouse bubinga got really dark with oil,
in fact i used just a single hand of mineral oil...

Tomorrow morning i will do some base to pull all up a little bit,
just to let look the profile..

                                                                        Botton Side

Day Two
i change something....


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