venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Cupressus arizonica

This Wood i purchased cames from Cupressus arizonica and should be the var. stephensonii..

Cipresso dell'Arizona

the Woods came to me have the bark purplish rispect on how it show in the picture above...

here whats came out turning seasoned Wood:
Plate: 41 cm diameter
Vase: 12 cm diameter.   31 cm tall.   cave 20cm

 Plate show beutiful flame figure, and i enjoy fumbling with pictures..

I left an eye in the middle of the plate,
while plain' with Wood grain..
Turning Stop and go many times, just to look how grain figure out...
Choose better figures....
It's seem to me The Tree's eye, 
I Love Wood,
How can i do...


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